Vanner, the leader in vehicle power management for transit bus has partnered with ACC Climate Control the leader in HVAC systems to develop Revolution, patented ZERO EMISSION technology for school bus applications.

Revolution allows the school bus driver to turn off the engine when in a school zone and continue to operate the air-conditioning, wheel chair lifts, radios, lights, etc. without engine emissions.

Revolution combines the same power technology concept that Vanner has deployed in thousands of transit buses since 2012 with ACC’s highly efficient scroll compressor technology, to provide a rugged and reliable ZERO EMISSION system that is affordable to all fleets.

Revolution’s technology is not experimental, as is the case with many of the electric battery buses that have been rushed on the market to take advantage of current federal funding programs.
Revolution’s design is based on solid, experienced technology and has been in development since 2014.

Unlike battery electric school buses Revolution…
-is powered with a low-voltage (48V) generator, eliminating high voltage safety and maintenance concerns.
-is not range limited. Revolution can run any route, at any time. Battery systems have limited range and can be stranded if used for a prolonged cycle unexpectedly.
-does not require any special infrastructure changes to your shop for battery charging, or maintenance.
-is maintenance free. If there is unexpected maintenance work, the modular design allows fleet technicians to replace components quickly.
-does not affect the OEM electrical system. The OEM starter, battery, and alternator are not modified. Eliminates the likelihood of a bus being stranded with pupils aboard.
AFFORDABLE The cost of the Revolution technology is a fraction of the cost of an electric battery bus.
AVAILABLE Field Pilots will be completed the summer of 2018. Production ramp-up will begin the summer/fall of 2018.

Contact Vanner, ACC, or your school bus dealer representative if you would like to be considered a fleet pilot candidate, or for more information on the Revolution technology.


Revolution Brochure

Revolution White Paper
NAPT Conference in Columbus, OH.


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