VLT Series TruWave Power Inverters


An inverter is an inverter is an inverter – so they say. At Vanner we know better. Vanner VLT Series Inverters use Vanner’s proprietary TruWave technology. TruWave generates a pure sine wave signal that guarantees AC output is maximized and performance is at its most efficient.

These inverters are rugged and reliable. VLT Inverters are built in an all-metal cabinet to withstand punishing work truck environments and operate at almost any temperature, from an ambient -13F to +122F (-25C to +50 C). That means peak AC power is available even in cold temperatures.

vlt-24-1000Available for both 12 and 24 Volt systems, Vanner VLT
Inverters deliver pure sine wave power in a variety
of outputs.

Customized to accept higher DC inputs for
compatability with today’s high voltage alternators.

Whether your vocation is safety, utility or
service, Vanner offers the right inverter
package to keep your business powered up
and plugged in wherever the job takes you.

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