VEPI™ Vanner Exportable Power Inverter


VEPIParamount to achieving significant gains in fuel economy, emission and noise reduction plus maintenance costs is to decouple vehicle accessories from the vehicle’s engine.

Greatest gains are achieved with high efficiency electrical accessory drives powered with a Vanner Exportable Power Inverter (VEPI™).

Robust capacity at 240 kW, it can power high voltage electrical accessories when connected to a 180 to 800VDC hybrid or all-electric propulsion system. Designed for use in 12-metre to 24-metre buses.


• Compact, rugged and powerful AC Inverter
• Up to 240kW capacity
• Wide range of input voltage (180 to 800 VDC)
• Sealed enclosure (IP67/IP69K)
• Dual high speed CAN (CAN baud rate is configurable for 250k or 500k)
• Efficient control of induction or IPM machines
• WEG cooling
• Offered individually or part of Vanner’s Increased Accessory Power II (IAP II™) complete electrification for hybrids and all-electric vehicles


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