VCP™ Vanner Cooling Pack

VCP_with_captionTotal Electrification often requires a reliable and plentiful supply of coolant for inverters and converters. Vanner offers totally self-contained cooling systems for today’s fully electric and hybrid propulsion systems.

  • Premium cooling using a Ametek brushless encapsulated pump.
  • CAN communication for diagnostics and setting speed.
  • Custom pump configurations for specific applications are available.
  • Seal-less means no shaft to create wear or physical contact of parts.
  • Wet rotor design circulates coolant around the rotor. Electronics are fully environmentally sealed.
  • Over temperature and overload protections.
  • High flow and high pressure.
  • Fully compliant to the APTA procurement suggested guidelines of 40,000 hour design life.
  • All corrosion proof piping.
  • Validated with the Vanner Exportable Power Inverter (VEPI™).



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