Vanner Unveils IdleWatch® for Engine On AC/DC Power for Canadian Fleet Trucks

IdleWatch work truckVanner, a worldwide manufacturer of power conversion equipment recently unveiled its new IdleWatch® “Hybrid” Idle Reduction System to the Canadian Market. IdleWatch® helps meet Canada’s strict idling regulations, while increasing battery life and improving fleet efficiency. It’s rugged design dramatically cuts down on idle time for trucks, while monitoring battery life.

To help increase a vehicle’s battery life, IdleWatch® recharges batteries fully before shutting off the engine. It also enables fleets to operate AC and DC power tools and equipment from the battery when the engine is not running.

The SIVIC tradeshow in Quebec this September, generated a lot of interest in IdleWatch® “Hybrid” Idle Reduction System, according to Doug Adams, Eastern Canada regional manager for Vanner Inc. “Customers like the idea of a product that can not only save fuel, but also tell them the state of charge of the vehicle at the same time,” said Adams. “Vanner is already receiving orders from a large Canadian Fleet concerned with anti-idling regulations.”

Across the country at the Canadian Utility Equipment Expo this September in Toronto, IdleWatch® was again well-received. Many customers were interested in the units’ PMEC feature, a programmable engine control system allowing users to set parameters for the system at installation and choose the amount of time users want to run on batteries or the vehicle engine.

“The strict laws in Canada on anti-idling are not many years off from being adopted in a similar fashion in the United States. Some states already have them, including N.Y. and Calif.,” said Greg Corp, Vanner’s western regional manager. “IdleWatch® is a simple solution to help fleets meet regulations and allows you the benefits of a Hybrid truck without the expense.”

For more information about IdleWatch® or other Vanner Inc. products, contact Doug at or Greg at

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