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State-of-Charge is the electrical storm cloud of every transit operator. Fortunately, Vanner offers an umbrella of State-of-Charge solutions that will keep your fleet safe and enroute – not asleep back at the garage.

    • StartSentry® Ultracapacitors improve starting and Stop/Start technologies reliability and attenuate damaging electrical spikes.


    • Intelligent Battery Monitoring gives precise state-of-charge measurements for hybrid, micro hybrid, EV and conventional buses.


    • Battery Equalizers balance batteries wired in series and new Low SOC Disconnect option.


  • IAPII™ customizable electrification platform for 100% accessory electrification for hybrid, electric fuel cell buses.

Experience power…Experience Vanner!
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International (July 2017)


StartSentry® Ultra Capacitors
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Model Based Battery Monitoring (MBBM®)
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Vanner Battery Equalizers
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Increased Accessory Power II™ (IAPII™)
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