Vanner Solves Power Failure Problem for Canadian Work Truck Fleet

Vanner has created a solution for a major fleet in Montreal that required continuous AC power. The fleet had been experiencing power failures on their Navistar Workstar 4800 trucks equipped with generators prior to the Vanner solution.

Running on diesel, the Workstar 4800 uses a 5Kw diesel generator, 2x 8D deep cycle batteries and contains other equipment such as computers, monitors, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, air conditioner, power unit and more.

The Canadian work truck engine runs all day and an issue with sine waves from the air conditioning compressor was damaging the infrared camera.

The solution to these problems was to install a Vanner power inverter model IT12-1800 on 2 8D 12 volt batteries and reconfigure electrical distribution. Vanner also installed  the IdleWatch® idle-reduction system to monitor the auxiliary batteries and start the vehicle engine only when needed.

The Vanner IT12-1800 power inverter supplied pure sine wave to the infrared camera protecting it from fluctuations created by the compressor in the air conditioning unit. The  IdleWatch® allowed users to have access to all of their electrical equipment for an extended period of time without the need to start the engine.

The customer, who has been using the installed equipment, said that apart from driving to their work sites, the engine had not started at all for three weeks. The client was so impressed by the results with the Vanner inverter that they have placed an order for 12 units to be installed on new vehicles with an additional six units to be retrofitted into older vehicles.

Vanner is a leader in power management and power transformation for commercial transportation since 1977. This includes innovation and market leadership in Ambulance, Work and Heavy Truck, Transit Bus and Coach AC Power, Mobile Office and Hybrid and Military solutions. Vanner continuously innovates to change the way we work, live, and travel by engineering for hybrid truck and bus, delivering seamless mobile office power, and forging strategic partnerships to completely electrify the commercial vehicle.

With the vision and experience to move truck, bus, ambulance, off-road, and work vehicles into the future with sophisticated systems that address critical power issues in each market, Vanner is transforming vehicles with innovative design, development and delivery of complete power solutions.

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