Vanner Now on Fifth Jay Leno Vehicle

After checking in recently with Bernard Juchli, Jay Leno’s General Manager at Jay Leno’s Garage we have discovered more Vanner products are being used in one of the greatest car collections around. Here’s the scoop on what Vanner is being used for:

  1. The “original” application, Jay’s Tank Car, a 1500 H.P. Twin Turbo, Injected Chrysler Hot Rod, that stretches approximately 20 feet long, is still using the Vanner 66-100 series Equalizer installed in 2006, on what Bernard refers to as “a completely new electrical system” created specifically for this car.  There has never been an issue with the unit powering up the 12 volt loads on this one-of-a-kind behemoth.
  2. The EcoJet, a collaboration  between Jay’s crew and the GM Design studios, is now a stunning bio-diesel fueled power Supercar. The 650 H.P. Bell Helicopter Turbine engine car weighing 2,300 pounds, runs on two 12 volt batteries. This one-of-a-kind creation also utilizes a Vanner 50-140 Battery Isolator along with our 70-100 Series battery equalizer, which runs all of the 12 volt loads. With no electrical issues, the car proved fast enough to outrun a Lear Jet in a recent runway “race.”
  3. The 1924 Rolls Royce Merlin, although not quite finished, this Rolls will also be using a 70-100 series in order to run the 12 volt accessories on the 24 volt system, as the vehicle has a 24 volt starting system. With Jay’s love for “big” engines, this guy is being propelled by a British Mosquito Fighter Bomber engine. It should be beautiful and fast when finished.
  4. The Hot Rod Bus, with which Bernard tows his Formula Atlantic car (usually the winning one) now has two Vanner inverters in it. Bernard uses a VLT12-600 to power up small stuff, like his TV and VCR. In addition to a generator (which Bernard does not like because of the noise) he uses an IQC12-3600 inverter/charger to run the air conditioning.
  5. A 1916 Owen Magnetic, one of the world’s first Hybrids, contains a gasoline engine running a generator which provides power to the electric drive motor through a conventional drive shaft and rear axle. This revolutionary vehicle was a $9,000 car in 1916. It was quick for its day, going 0 to 60 in 10 seconds. This is one rare automobile, and they trust Vanner for the power conversion, using a 100 amp 70 series equalizer.

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