Vanner LifeStar® 9860GCPE Electronic Flasher

9860gcpeSince 1977 Vanner Inc. in Hilliard, OH has been manufacturing high-quality, robust electronic products for the Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, Truck, Bus, and Military markets. Vanner products are known worldwide for their reliability and safety record. The LifeStar® 9860GCPE Flasher is a prime example of Vanner’s leading-edge technology.

This remarkable unit is the ONLY flasher you need. It works on Halogen lights, standard LED lights, and also on LED “smart lights”. The LifeStar® 9860GCPE Flasher is incredibly simple to program. It saves our OEM partners countless amounts of time on the production floor and our end-users time when upgrading from traditional flashers.

The LifeStar® 9860GCPE Flasher has four built in patterns that are most desired by Fire Chiefs. By simply pressing a jumper wire across two terminals, you can program lights to flash how you want them to in minutes. It can also be reprogrammed in the field, if a different flash pattern is requested.

Rated at a total of 140 amps, the 9860GCPE like all Vanner flashers is:

• Solid State for extended life
• Hermetically sealed for total protection against the elements
• Shock and vibration resistant for reliability
• Interference-free from radio electronic warnings, P.A. or medical diagnostic equipment
• Equipped with a Ground Control terminal, eliminating the need for solenoids and/or high amp ON/OFF switches

Speed up your production or remount with the most versatile flasher ever made, the Vanner LifeStar® 9860GCPE.

Don’t take chances with safety, specify the name you trust… Vanner

Vanner LifeStar® Ambulance Power Module
Brochure Owner's Manual F.A.Q.
LifeStar® 9860GCPE
Brochure Owner's Manual
VSS-USB Charging Module
Brochure Owner's Manual

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