Vanner Introduces IdleWatch® for Work Trucks

Hilliard, Ohio — With pilot testing complete, Vanner’s new IdleWatch® “Hybrid”Idle Reduction System is now available for purchase. IdleWatch® helps meet the trucking industry’s no-idle regulations, while increasing battery life and improving fleet efficiency. IdleWatch® reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, and has silent AC power access for use by work trucks in residential areas.

To increase a vehicle’s battery life, IdleWatch® recharges batteries fully before shutting off the engine. It also enables fleets to operate AC and DC power tools and equipment from the battery when the engine is not running.

IdleWatch® constantly monitors the battery state-of-charge. If the battery discharges below a predetermined point, IdleWatch® auto re-starts the vehicle to recharge the battery, or notifies the driver to start the vehicle’s engine or turn the equipment off.

Fleets have uninterrupted AC and DC power when the auto start feature is engaged to improve worker efficiency with less on-the-job downtime. If the battery state-of-charge falls below a preset level, IdleWatch® can shut off the load or sound an alarm.

Vanner IdleWatch System diagramThe IdleWatch® can be installed in any 12-volt or 24-volt electrical system and any make or model vehicle. It can also be used with an inverter. The system can be installed on new vehicles at the truck equipment manufacturer before delivery, or retrofitted on existing vehicles.

Systems features including battery discharge levels, mobile AC power availability and fast-idle can be programmed and customized to each vehicle’s use.

As a leader in commercial vehicle power management for more than three decades, Vanner continues to solve operational, fuel efficiency and emission challenges for the work truck industry.

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