Vanner Hybrid Beltless Alternator® (HBA®)

Hybrid Beltless Alternator® (HBA®)

Vanner HBA®Eliminate costly maintenance and part costs of traditional belt drives and alternators while improving uptime by using a Vanner Hybrid Beltless Alternator® (HBA®). With efficiency almost 2-times of traditional alternators and clean ripple-free voltage output from its solid-state design. A Vanner HBA® eliminates hydraulic lines when powering electric cooling fans. Vanner HBA®s and EBA®s (Electric Buses) single configurations provide up to 300 amperes at idle and dual configurations provide up to 600 amperes at idle in a clean solid-state DC-DC converter. A HBA® or EBA® equipped bus can improve in-service fuel economy 10-15 percent and will last up to the entire life of the bus. The HBA® can be equipped with dynamic charging when coupled a Vann-Bus Equalizer and Vanner’s MBBM® technology that controls state of health and state of charge of house batteries, extending their life.

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