Vanner High Voltage Distribution Module® (HVDM®)

High Voltage Distribution Module® (HVDM®)

Vanner High Voltage Distribution Module HVDM Vanner’s new High Voltage Distribution Module® (HVDM®) expands the power distribution potential of hybrid and electric buses by acting as a smart electrical grid for accessory power subsystems. The HVDM® monitors and distributes up to 30 kilowatts of continuous power to accessory high voltage electrical subsystems such as electric air conditioners. Power can also be distributed by the HVDM® to inverters for all-electrical accessories. The HVDM®’s microprocessor controls timing while monitoring system functionality and power consumption via CAN communication. Plenty of electrical supply for even articulated hybrid or electrical buses.

HVDM® Brochure

HVDM® Owner’s Manual

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