Vanner Conserves, Reuses and Recycles

The Vanner Green Initiative conserves and recycles in every aspect of day-to-day operation using Vanner power conversion and transformation products.

“Green Ideas came from the assembly plant team, engineers and managers at all levels using our own products and processes,”said Brenda Porter, Vice President, Operations, Vanner award-winning assembly plant, a team-based organization. “We have adopted a new philosophy for doing business that is environmentally responsible using our own power products to conserve energy with methods to keep material out of landfills.”

Vanner has been a market leader for 35 years with patented power conversion and power management technologies, including battery chargers/monitors, inverters, CAN-bus accessories, converters, and equalizers for traditional and hybrid powered commercial buses, ambulances, military vehicles, luxury coaches, mobile offices and heavy duty / work trucks.

Test load heat generated at testing and burn-in stations is channeled by Vanner equalizers to heat the Vanner facility. During warm weather, test station-generated energy is channeled outside to reduce air conditioning use.

Vanner automatic test equipment and equalizer endurance qualification units use a single power supply daisy-chained to 20 equalizers instead of one power supply per unit. Vanner equalizers convert energy from 24 V to 12 V and 12 V to 24 V for significant energy reduction while providing high-intensity testing of equalizer units.

Solar energy is captured by solar panels connected to Vanner equalizers to power cafeteria loads, including vending machines. Lights and compressors automatically shut off during non-production hours for energy conservation. “Metal Recycling┬ĘSolder dross, scrap metal and metal cans are 100% recycled.

Vanner product is shipped in 100% recyclable containers resulting in a savings of 12,000 containers annually. Recyclable materials include all inside support packaging and outside tape. Empty boxes are returned to suppliers instead of being destroyed or recycled and suppliers refill and send back. Clients also return container to Vanner for reuse.

All mail and office paper is recycled. Thousands of pages of test results, financial information, company communication, and meeting summaries are now delivered and reviewed only in electronic form.

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