Vanner Announces State of the Art Automatic Test Equipment

automated test equipment

Hilliard, Ohio – New, state-of-the-art Automatic Test Equipment, designed and constructed by Vanner Incorporated, a leader in design and manufacturing of Power Conversion components since 1977, ensures the continued high quality of Vanner inverters and other products across the board.

This sophisticated  Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) insures both process and product quality by providing a consistent and highly accurate testing environment for their inverters and all their product offerings. The testing unit also provides vital Data Logging, which enables the use of Statistical Process Control methods to insure continuous improvement of Vanner products.

The Automatic Test Equipment further improves Vanners’ quality by eliminating human error inherent in a manufacturing process, by “trapping” errors before a unit leaves the plant. Vanner is believed to be the only inverter manufacturer who has gone to such extremes to insure their products are not only tested in this fashion, but also provides a database to which to refer for when products are tested in the field. The test data is saved for evaluation of process control to improve quality.

In addition to improving quality, the Automatic Test Equipment has further improved the efficiency of Vanner by allowing them to maximize their testing process, from one unit at a time up to 12–ultimately passing along saving cost for the buyer. To learn more about Vanner and their rigorously tested products please contact us at

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