Vanner’s Power Solutions Keep Passengers En Route in Ottawa

Vanner provided three products for each of the 306 buses New Flyer built and delivered to Ottawa Transit in the record time of seven months.

Vanner products installed by New Flyer on these buses included:

Battery Equalizers (70-60M )The Vanner VANN-Guard® Battery Equalizer – an efficient and highly reliable method of obtaining a 12 volt DC power source from a 24 volt DC electrical system. In addition to providing regulated 12 volt power, the system significantly extends battery life by ensuring battery voltages remain equal. The VANN-Guard® Battery Equalizer is designed to save battery life, and save the money spent replacing batteries. Users say Vanner’s equalizer is the most cost effective and dependable solution for dual voltage systems.

The Vanner StartSentry® Ultra Capacitor “UltraCap” – improves the reliability of the vehicle’s starting system. Used in parallel with the vehicle’s OEM starting batteries the UltraCap assists the starting batteries everytime a bus is started.

The Vanner Battery Charger – a high performance three-stage battery charger that has the ability to precisely charge 24VDC battery banks. The Vanner Battery Charger incorporates advanced battery charging technology, correctly charging batteries automatically at rated ampere output – not tapering off like other battery chargers. Ottawa is currently using it to keep batteries charged during long, cold nights to ensure the buses will start for morning routes for riders who rely on their transportation.

Vanner is a leader in power management and power transformation for commercial transportation since 1977. This includes innovation and market leadership in Ambulance, Work and Heavy Truck, Transit Bus and Coach AC Power, Mobile Office and Hybrid and Military solutions. Vanner continuously innovates to change the way we work, live, and travel by engineering for hybrid truck and bus, delivering seamless mobile office power, and forging strategic partnerships to completely electrify the commercial vehicle.

With the vision and experience to move truck, bus, ambulance, off-road, and work vehicles into the future with sophisticated systems that address critical power issues in each market, Vanner is transforming vehicles with innovative design, development, and delivery of complete power solutions.

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