Vanner’s Hybrid Beltless Alternator Released by Vanner for AllisonHybrids

Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA)

The transit bus market has anticipated the release of Vanner’s 600V-24V DC-DC Converter. Vanner is marketing the DC-DC converter as the Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA™) to provide “Smart Electrification” for Allison’s H 40 EP and H 50 EP Hybrid System. The Vanner HBA™ is now officially available from most North American OEMs after being released in January 2011 by Vanner and Allison Transmission.

The Vanner HBA™ replaces the traditional alternator and improves the efficiency of the power for the buses 12/24 volt loads. Fleets can save thousands of dollars by reducing downtime and maintenance costs, and improving the reliability of transit buses with the HBA™.

At least 25% lighter than conventional alternators, the Vanner HBA™ improves fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions, saving transit fleets hundreds of gallons of fuel and the associated emissions over the life of the bus, ultimately lowering America’s energy dependence.

Two HBA™ power ranges are available: 250A at-idle, that replaces traditional 300A-400A alternators and a 300A at-idle that replaces traditional 400A-500A alternators — which are primarily used with electric cooling fans.

Allison’s 2011 Software Release now supports both Vanner HBA™ power ranges. Allison conducted extensive dyno testing, bus durability testing and customer field validation with both HBA™s to prepare for this new “Smart Electrification” feature. The electrification of the H 40 EP and H 50 EP, combined with Vanner’s VANN-Bus® Power Management system can operate all 12/24 volt loads that have been powered by alternators in the past while improving the 12/24 volt battery life.

The HBA™ has a standard three year warranty and a target life of more than 10 years. The Vanner HBA™ capability is now available for order on Allison’s H 40 EP and H 50 EP Hybrid Systems produced with 2011 Software. Contact your OEM representative to specify the Vanner HBA™ and VANN-Bus® Power Management System on your next Allison Hybrid bus order.

Vanner has been a leader in engineering excellence and power conversion for commercial vehicles since 1977. Vanner consistently designs and delivers patented high quality, economical and environmentally responsible products. Hybrid engineering advancements are moving the truck and bus industry into the future by providing sophisticated systems that address critical power concerns. Vanner’s hybrid innovations are transforming how we work, live and travel.

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