Understanding the Vanner – QR Code (Label)

20-1050CULShort for “Quick Response code”, the QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of a black and white pixel pattern which allows the user to access needed information quickly by scanning the label via smartphone, tablet, etc..

Vanner has placed a QR Label on a variety of our products to offer additional customer support, providing instant access to product manuals and frequently asked questions. The QR Label (image) on the right of this page contains an embedded link to our LifeStar® Inverter/Charger.

Here is an example of that page below…

(Support) 20-1050CUL-DC & 20-1000TUL-DC


lifestar vanner ambulance inverter

LifeStar® Inverter/Charger
20-1050CUL-DC, 20-1000TUL-DC

Owners Manual (pdf)



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