The Hybrid Beltless Alternator Improves Fuel Economy and Reduces Emissions

The new Vanner Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA™) is proven to provide more than 25% efficiency improvements over traditional alternators by using solid-state DC Converter technology.

At least 25% lighter than conventional alternators, the Vanner HBA™ improves fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions, saving users hundreds of gallons of fuel and the associated exhaust emissions over the life of the bus.

Vanner’s HBA™ produces stable DC power at all temperatures and speeds, for precise and maintenance-free power for on-board accessories. All on-board electrical accessories such as interior lights, fare boxes and video cameras are provided with a dependable power source due to the elimination of transient power spikes that is inherent in alternator technology.

Its rugged design is built to last. With a target life of 10+ years, most HBA™s will last for the entire life of the bus. Installation location and the innovative design eliminate safety concerns and maintenance problems associated with alternators which must be mounted to the engine and operate in a hotter and dirtier environment.

The Vanner HBA™ provides full power at curb idle to significantly surpass the performance and reliability of alternators. It delivers equal or more power than conventional OEM alternators through 85% of the drive cycle and the design eliminates the reduced or lost power experienced by traditional alternators when internal temperatures increase. The built-in voltage regulator provides constant voltage regardless of engine speed and temperature.

The Vanner HBA™’s roof-mounted installation near the battery provides a cooler and cleaner environment. It is decoupled from the engine to eliminate the potential for thermal events and safer, easier installation.

Users save time and money and reduce emergency roadside calls with the Vanner HBA™ which eliminates high-maintenance, moving parts from the bus, such as: the Alternator, V-Belts, Voltage Regulator, Pulleys, Idle Tensioner as well as Hydraulic Lines and Fittings when replacing oil cooled alternators and hydraulic fans.

As a leader in commercial vehicle power conversion systems for more than three decades, Vanner continues to solve operational, fuel efficiency and emission challenges for the bus industry. With extensive product testing by companies such as Allison Transmission, Vanner has an edge with road-tested, rugged, reliable, and safe products that excel to meet the demands of today’s transit fleets.

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