Idle Reduction System

Bergstrom and Vanner have formed a cross-promotional partnership that will enable the two companies to promote one another’s anti-idle technologies. In an effort to streamline no-idle systems for fleet owners and owner operators, Bergstrom Inc. and Vanner have entered into a strategic partnership to cross-promote their products. This marks the fourth venture of this kind […]

Vanner IdleWatch System diagram

Vanner IdleWatch® Idle Reduction System Wheeled Coach has teamed up with Vanner and Sun Power to run 12 Volt Air Conditioning in a Type II Ambulance cab. Vanner IdleWatch® is saving fuel and keeping them cool! “With the IdleWatch® it allows the guys that don’t have a fire station a chance to stay cool in […]

Vanner recently participated in the Pittsburgh APWA (American Public Works Association) trade show at the historic William Penn Omni Hotel. Vanner (fourth booth from left) displayed to the group both its’ IdleWatch® idle reduction system as well as the VLT series of inverters, with improved low and high voltage settings. There was a tremendous amount […]

During Truck World 2012, Mobile Power Solutions Inc. took the opportunity to honour customer Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.. In front of a “Green” Enbridge truck on display in the Navistar booth, Enbridge was recognized with an award from Ohio-based power-inverter and idle-reduction technology specialist Vanner, represented in this market by Mobile Power Solutions of Gormley, […]

IdleWatch work truck

Vanner, a worldwide manufacturer of power conversion equipment recently unveiled its new IdleWatch® “Hybrid” Idle Reduction System to the Canadian Market. IdleWatch® helps meet Canada’s strict idling regulations, while increasing battery life and improving fleet efficiency. It’s rugged design dramatically cuts down on idle time for trucks, while monitoring battery life. To help increase a […]

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