PowerCraft Discontinuation Notice


April 1, 2016
From: Bruce Beegle, Vice President – Truck & Military Sales
Subject: PowerCraft Discontinuation Notice (download pdf)

Effective immediately, Vanner is discontinuing the PowerCraft line of inverters, inverter/chargers, and
battery chargers.
Vanner is committed to continuous improvement and we take pride in supplying the best
technology available to our customers. Moving to all sinewave high-frequency products is aligned with this

The PowerCraft line of products was originally introduced in 2001 to fill the need for a low-cost commercial
inverter product to operate light loads.

In 2001 the cost of true sinewave technology was significantly higher than the cost of quasi-sinewave
technology. Since that time, the cost delta between high-frequency sinewave and quasi-sinewave technology
has declined.
Consequently, in recent years we have seen a steady movement in sales of the PowerCraft quasi-sinewave
products to the VLT true sinewave products. Our PowerCraft customers have decided that the minimal
additional cost of true sinewave was the best value.

Vanner will continue to offer industrial quasi-sinewave technology like the IQ, IQC, Bravo, and
LifeStar™ products. Industrial quasi-sinewave inverters are still the best solution for heavy inductive loads,
like pumps and compressors.

Please contact us to discuss your electrical power needs and the right Vanner product for your application.


Bruce Beegle
Vice President – Truck & Military Sales
Vanner Inc.

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