Power Traffic Arrow Boards Without Idling with VSS-TVM 360

VSS-TVM360 6 Hour Timer

VSS-TVM360 6 Hour Timer

Vanner’s TVM360 provides 6 hours (360 minutes) of power from an auxiliary battery to operate DC loads like Traffic Arrow Sign Boards.

The TVM360 is an economic, simple, and reliable idle reduction device that can be installed in any 12V electrical system.

•TVM system provides 5-6 hours of reliable operation for arrow boards from an auxiliary battery.
•TVM transfers the arrow board load to the starting battery when voltage drops below 11.8VDC.
•The vehicle’s horn sounds to notify the crew that the starting battery has started to power the arrow board.
•Eliminates the cost and complexity of auto-starting and the need for a large battery pack that takes space and adds to GVW.

Download – VSS-TVM360 (6 HOUR TIMER)

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