Vanner 80-Series Equalizer with MBBM®

July 21, 2016

“Protect Your Starting Batteries” / “When Engine Starting is Critical” / “No More Dead Starting Batteries” 80-Series Equalizer is a 24VDC to 12VDC equalizer with features of proprietary MBBM® (Model Based Battery Monitoring) algorithm to determine the SOH (State-of-Health and SOC (State-of-Charge) of a vehicle’s auxiliary batteries. The Low SOC Disconnect option can send a […]

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Understanding the Vanner – QR Code (Label)

July 14, 2016

Short for “Quick Response code”, the QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of a black and white pixel pattern which allows the user to access needed information quickly by scanning the label via smartphone, tablet, etc.. Vanner has placed a QR Label on a variety of our products to offer additional customer support, providing instant access to […]

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“Important Notification” New GFCI Receptacle

July 7, 2016

D917969 ADDENDUM OWNERS MANUAL GFCI HUBBELL UL (pdf) Due to a UL943 change that requires all GFCI receptacles manufactured after June 29, 2015 to automatically self-test, we had to change the GFCI receptacle on our inverters. The new Hubbell GFRST15W GFCI receptacle (Vanner P/N 07115) requires 120Vac to be present when manually testing or resetting […]

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Vanner attends FDIC 2016

April 29, 2016

Vanner participated in our 23rd FDIC Expo again this year. We are honored to be trusted as a supplier of critical safety equipment to the ambulance market for so many years. Vanner equipment, including inverters, flashers and USBs were on vehicles displayed in both the Chevrolet and Ford booths. We met with many of our […]

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efficiency IAPII™

March 18, 2016

Efficient energy management is the desire of the modern transit fleet. Effectively distributing power to accessories like electric air conditioning, air compressors, and power steering systems is key to providing better fuel economy, reduced emissions and lower maintenance costs. Building on the success of IAP1, a water-cooled Vanner Exportable Power Inverter™ (VEPI™) is now included […]

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Vanner attends NTEA Show 2016

March 10, 2016

The 2016 NTEA show in Indianapolis was a great success, claiming the largest attendance in the history of the show. Vanner was well represented, displaying our VLT series inverters, new TVM series timers, and unveiling the newest AC power technology for the work truck industry, the TruckPower™ Power Module, a pure sine wave, 1000W Inverter […]

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VLT Series TruWave Power Inverters

March 10, 2016

An inverter is an inverter is an inverter – so they say. At Vanner we know better. Vanner VLT Series Inverters use Vanner’s proprietary TruWave technology. TruWave generates a pure sine wave signal that guarantees AC output is maximized and performance is at its most efficient. These inverters are rugged and reliable. VLT Inverters are […]

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Power Traffic Arrow Boards Without Idling with VSS-TVM 360

February 25, 2016
VSS-TVM360 6 Hour Timer

VSS-TVM360 6 Hour Timer Vanner’s TVM360 provides 6 hours (360 minutes) of power from an auxiliary battery to operate DC loads like Traffic Arrow Sign Boards. The TVM360 is an economic, simple, and reliable idle reduction device that can be installed in any 12V electrical system. •TVM system provides 5-6 hours of reliable operation for […]

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MTA approves a $840,500 expenditure to replace belt-driven alternators with Vanner HBA®

February 4, 2016
Vanner HBA®

Maryland Transit Authority Board approved a $840,500 expenditure for the retrofit of 41 existing Baltimore buses with Allison Hybrids. The retrofit will be with Vanner’s solid state Hybrid Beltless Alternators aka HBAs. The expenditure includes retrofit services by Johnson and Towers. The retrofit will include removing the belt-driven alternators and installing Hybrid Beltless Alternators along […]

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efficiency IAP II™

January 15, 2016

: the ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy: see IAP II™ Introducing Increased Accessory Power (IAP II™) from Vanner. The next generation in hybrid electrification that delivers all the necessary clean energy to power: – Electric Air Conditioning – Electric Air Compressors – – Electric Power Steering – […]

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Vanner sponsors Veteran’s Bus in Flint, MI.

January 11, 2016

In honor and support of our USA Veterans, Vanner has helped fund keeping the Veteran’s bus wrap on a Flint MTA (Mass Transportation Authority) hybrid bus equipped with a Vanner HBA® for the upcoming year (2016). The HBA® (Hybrid Beltless Alternator) reduces maintenance and operation costs. In addition to the outer wrap, the interior of […]

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Model Based Battery Monitoring (MBBM®)

January 6, 2016

“Protect Your Starting Batteries” / “When Engine Starting is Critical” / “No More Dead Starting Batteries” MBVCE is a Stand Alone Battery Monitor using proprietary MBBM® (Model Based Battery Monitoring) algorithm to determine the SOH (State-of-Health) and SOC (State-of-Charge) of a vehicle’s auxiliary batteries. The Low SOC Disconnect option can send a discrete signal to […]

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Vanner VSS-USB Charging Module

December 4, 2015
vanner vss-usb charging module

VSS-USB Charging Module Vanner offers a simple easy to install solution for charging and powering USB devices. The Vanner VSS Series USB Module charges up to two USB powered devices by supplying 2.1 amperes to the USB ports even while the device is in use. The VSS-USB senses input voltage, adjusts then supplies a safe […]

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Vanner StartSentry® Ultra Capacitors

November 30, 2015
StartSentry® Ultra Capacitors

StartSentry® Ultra Capacitors Vanner StartSentry® Ultra Capacitors are the on-board solution to fast and reliable starts. The StartSentry® assists OEM starting battery configurations by providing up to 80kJ of starting power – regardless of battery state of charge. Immune to parasitic loads the StartSentry® starts your bus even if the starting batteries are drained. Its […]

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