New GFCI Video “Familiarization and Troubleshooting”

Hubbell GFRST15W GFCI Receptacle (familiarization and troubleshooting)

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Good morning, I am James Finley the service manager at Vanner Inc. and today I would like to talk to you about the new GFCI receptacle that is now required due to the changes made by UL in the UL943 spec. Vanner is currently using the Hubbell GFRST15W to meet the new UL specification. Features of the new GFCI is a power applied status light and a fault indicator light. We also will discuss how the receptacle interfaces with a quasi sine wave inverter.

Let’s first take a look at the receptacle in normal operating mode. As you can see the green light is on and the red light is not on. Now, let’s go through some of the conditions and different states the indicator lights will be in when the inverter is in different modes.

Power up

The unit may display both green and red lights on full. To turn off the red light you may:

1. Turn the unit off, count to three and turn the unit back on. Sometimes this step must be repeated to clear the red light.

2. Apply more than 100 watts of load to the inverter (you may have to go up to 200 watts of load).

3. Plug in shore power.

4. Reset the GFCI with 200 watts of load applied. Any of these actions should clear the fault light.

The fault light being on does not necessarily affect the operation of the inverter or the GFCI and may not mean that the GFCI is defective. If the fault light does not clear with the methods described above, please contact Vanner’s support team @ 1-800-227-6937.
Load Demand or Power Savings mode

When the unit is in this mode both lights will be partially lit and the red light will be flickering. The GFCI will not trip or reset in this mode. The unit’s output will turn on when the load demand requirement is satisfied, but both lights will be on. To clear the fault light add a load of greater than 100 watts, Cycle the unit off and on with 200 watts or plug into the unit into shore power.

GCI has been tripped

If the GFCI is tripped and the reset is preformed with no load on the inverter, the inverter will show a green ac light but a flicking fault light, (the GFCI and the inverter are fine). The GFCI fault light just needs to be cleared using one of the three methods described to clear the fault light.
Pushing the reset button will cause the red light to come on; same method to clear as before.
Turning the unit off and on quickly will turn the fault light on. Turning the unit off and on slowly will turn it off.

If the red fault light is on and will not reset in methods discussed please contact the Vanner support team @ 1-800-227-6937.

Thank you for viewing this video and we hope that you found this information useful.

James Finley – Service Manager

Hubbell GFRST15W GFCI Receptacle (Owner’s Manual)

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