Model Based Battery Monitoring (MBBM®)

“Protect Your Starting Batteries” / “When Engine Starting is Critical” / “No More Dead Starting Batteries”

Battery Monitor
MBVCE is a Stand Alone Battery Monitor using proprietary MBBM® (Model Based Battery Monitoring) algorithm to determine the SOH (State-of-Health) and SOC (State-of-Charge) of a vehicle’s auxiliary batteries. The Low SOC Disconnect option can send a discrete signal to open a bi-stable contactor if the SOC lowers to a chosen value. It then isolates the starter batteries for a future sure start. SOH and SOC values are communicated via SAE J1939 CAN protocols. Vanner’s MBBM® (Model Based Battery Monitoring) prevents electrical parasitic loads from fully discharging starting batteries and reserves charge in batteries to start the engine, keeping your Transit and Fleet vehicle batteries in top performance.

Micro Hybrids are using this technology from Vanner.

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Model Based Battery Monitoring (MBBM®)

MBVCEVSS Series Current SensorsVSS-VT
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