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vanner_hybrid_logoVanner offers hybrid solutions for the bus and truck industries that save fleets thousands of dollars in reduced idle, improved mpg, and the environmental aspects: reducing exhaust emissions, improving air quality, eliminating energy dependence and improving energy efficiency for the commercial transportation industry. Fleets appreciate the reduced maintenance time and expense with Vanner hybrid and hybrid-like solutions.

Vanner HBA® for the Transit Bus

The Vanner Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA®) uses DC Converter Technology to replace traditional alternators and deliver 25-30% improvements over traditional alternators, fuel economy improvements, reduced emissions and much more.

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Vanner – Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA®) COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority)


Client Testimonial


Columbus, Ohio Cota Bus with the Hybrid Beltless Alternator inverter system installed.“Allison began working with Vanner in 2005 on smart ways to electrify vehicles electrical systems with the GM-Allison EP Hybrid System,” said Chris Collet, product sales manager, GM-Allison.  Vanner and GM-Allison Hybrid have been doing extensive engineering testing on a DC-DC converter that eliminates belt driven alternators on buses. Our engineers have been testing the complete system on dynamometers, our engineering hybrid vehicles and at Death Valley. There has not been a single service interruption with the Vanner DC-DC Converter. The superior energy efficiency, voltage cleanliness and cost effectiveness will be impressive for transit agencies and OEMs.”

Reduce Fuel Consumption and Decrease Emissions

See all the benefits for Transit Buses in our Marketing Brochure.

Vanner IdleWatch® for the Work Truck


Videotron cable company work truck demonstrating dc to ac power inverter systemVanner IdleWatch® reduces idle and helps fleets save up to 40% to meet the no-idle regulations, reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. It provides silent AC and DC power, with the engine off, residential areas. IdleWatch® recharges batteries fully before shutting off the engine to help increase the vehicle battery life.

IdleWatch® Resources

IdleWatch® Brochure

IdleWatch® Diagram

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HVDC Vann-Bus® Technology

Hba h40-50 ep presentation oct 2010

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Technology Spotlight

The Ohio State University Center of Automotive Research (CAR) and Vanner

CAR-logoVanner and Ohio State research to help state become the Silicon Valley for vehicle electrification is a partnership to accelerate electric vehicle industry in Ohio.

OSU Partnership (link to article)

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