Gillig LLC Offers the Vanner Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA®) as Standard Equipment on Hybrid Buses

Gillig LLC, one of the nation’s largest transit bus manufacturers, now offers the Vanner Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA®) as standard equipment on their hybrid buses. The Vanner HBA® replaces the alternator and the associated pulleys and belts.

“We have thoroughly tested the Vanner HBA® and have had excellent customer acceptance,” said Sam Enochian, Director of National Sales at Gillig.“The HBA® provides a cost-effective option to the alternator and the HBA® provides real, measurable ROI.”

The Vanner Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA®) delivers stable DC power at all temperatures and speeds. In addition to removing the alternator, it also eliminates the need for V-belts, pulleys, voltage regulator, pulleys, idle tensioners, hydraulic lines and fittings and other moving parts.

“We anticipate that transit fleets will only need one HBA® for every five alternators and associated parts,” said Chris Collet, Vanner VP, Bus and Hybrid Markets. “The HBA® significantly increases vehicle readiness in the yard and cost savings over the life of the bus could be $25,000 or more.”

The Vanner Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA®) provides full power at curb idle and delivers power that exceeds conventional alternators through 85% of the drive cycle, according to testing performed by Vanner and Gillig engineers. Vanner uses a roof-mount installation for the HBA®, unlike the alternator, which is located near the engine, to eliminate any potential for thermal events. Testing of the HBA® also indicates fuel savings and reduced stress on the engine, which can lead to longer engine life.

“At Gillig, we are always looking to what is next on the technology front and we are diligent about testing and validating results before ever offering a product to our clients–and the HBA® is an example of that,” said Enochian. Vanner, a leader in commercial vehicle power management systems since 1977, develops power management solutions for transit and coach buses, ambulances, trucks, mobile office and military vehicles. Vanner continues to solve operational, fuel efficiency and emission challenges for commercial transportation with renowned engineering and innovation and road-tested, rugged, reliable and safe products.

Gillig, founded in San Francisco, California in 1890, still builds American-made heavy-duty transit buses known as reliable, durable, and economical. Gillig is the second largest producer of transit buses in North America and produces approximately 1,300 buses per year, for hundreds of different customers, from Alaska to Florida.


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