FAQ for 20-1050CUL-DC & 20-1000TUL-DC

1. Why does my inverter A/C voltage output read low (90-100 volts)?

• Answer: A/C output must be measured with a True RMS meter in order to read the voltage correctly. A low voltage reading is normal with an average reading meter.

2. Why does my inverter output only read approximately 40VAC?

• Answer: The inverter is in Load Demand. When the inverter has no load it goes into load demand & only outputs approximately 40VAC. Plug a load in & inverter output will come up to 120VAC. To turn load demand off, turn the “Load Demand” dip switch off (down).

3. Why are my batteries overcharging? (Applies to 20-1050CUL-DC only)

• Answer: The high/low charger switch is in the low position, there is too much current draw on the batteries and the charger can’t come out of bulk mode or it is cycling often from float to bulk mode. Change the battery charge rate from low to high. ( dip switch three)

4. Can I use the IFM1 with the 20-1000TUL-DC?
• Answer: Yes

5. Can I use the IFM1 with the 20-1050CUL-DC?

• Answer: Yes

6. Does it matter which modular connector I put the IFM1 cable in?

• Answer: No.

7. Why won’t my inverter turn on?

• Things to check:
1) With no remote: Verify that switches 4 and 5 are down (closed).
2) Using ignition remote: Verify 12 volts is on position one of the connector and that switch 4 is up and switch 5 is down.
3) Using ground remote switch: Ground wire is connected to the center position of connector. Switch 4 must be down and switch 5 up.
4) If you are using both: Switches 4 and 5 must be up with the proper connections.
5) Input DC cables must be connected to battery.
6) Verify at the back of the inverter that there is 12 volts on the DC input cables.

8. Why am I getting no A/C Output from my inverter when the inverter LED is on solid?

• Answer: Check to see if GFCI is tripped. Reset if necessary.

9. When inverter is plugged into shore power why are my batteries not being charged? (Applies to 20-1050CUL-DC only)

• Answer: Verify 110 volts  at A/C input cable.

10. Although my inverter works, why does it do nothing when plugged into shore power? 

• Answer: Verify DC is present at DC input connector. (Applies to 20-1050CUL-DC only)

• Answer: Verify AC input (110VAC) is getting to the inverter. (Applies to 20-1000TUL-DC only)



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