efficiency IAPII™


Efficient energy management is the desire of the modern transit fleet. Effectively distributing power to accessories like electric air conditioning, air compressors, and power steering systems is key to providing better fuel economy, reduced emissions and lower maintenance costs.

Building on the success of IAP1, a water-cooled
Vanner Exportable Power Inverter™ (VEPI™) is now included and produces 230 VAC 3-Phase
for full bus electrification.

IAPII™ includes either a Single or Dual Hybrid
Beltless Alternator® for up to 600 amps-at-idle
24 VDC charging.

A Vanner High Voltage Distribution Module® (HVDM®) acts as a smart electrical grid for the hybrid bus and 80-Series Equalizer with Model Based Battery Monitoring® (MBBM® ) for dynamic charging.

The result? Up to 30 kWs of continuous export
power from the Allison H 40/50 EPTM Hybrid.

All proudly made in the USA.


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