Automatic Throttle and Low Voltage Actuator Discontinuation Notice


Dear Valued Vanner Customer,

Vanner’s mechanical Automatic Throttle and 70-VG Volt Guard low voltage actuator products were introduced
in the 1980’s to provide additional power from the alternator, by automatically raising the engine RPM when
low voltage from the support battery was sensed.

The introduction of electronic auto-throttles and the ability to control engine RPM through the OEM electrical
systems have significantly reduced the volumes on these products. They can no longer be manufactured and
sold at a reasonable price and there is better technology available today at lower costs.

Effective immediately, Vanner is discontinuing the following products:

  • 73-46 Automatic Throttle System
  • 73-48 Automatic Throttle Accessory Kit (Switch, Isolation Diode, Fuse Holder)
  • B00167 Throttle Cable
  • 02031 Control Module
  • 70-VG Volt Guard Low Voltage Actuator

We are committed to continuous improvement and we take pride in supplying the best technology available to
our customers. Vanner has developed a series of VSS-TVM Timers and Switches that can be used to provide
low voltage protection.

Contact your Vanner representative, our Customer Care Team at 614-771-2718, or our Vehicle System
Integration Team at 614-771-3559, to discuss how we can help you replace these products.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.

Bruce Beegle
Vice President – Truck & Military Sales
Vanner Inc.
704.489.9793 Sales Office

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