About Vanner

Vanner Delivers Power Management Solutions

Vanner is a leader in power management and power transformation for commercial transportation for more than 30 years. This includes innovation and market leadership in Ambulance, Work and Heavy Truck, Transit Bus and Coach AC Power, Mobile Office and Hybrid and Military solutions.

Vanner continuously innovates to change the way we work, live, and travel by engineering for hybrid truck and bus, delivering seamless mobile office power, and forging strategic partnerships to completely electrify the commercial vehicle.

With the vision and experience to move truck, bus, ambulance, off-road, and work vehicles into the future with sophisticated systems that address critical power issues in each market, Vanner is transforming vehicles with innovative design, development, and delivery of complete power solutions.

Problem Solving and Partnering with Clients

At Vanner, we are known as the problem-solving engineering firm. We understand power transformation and vehicle operation and we are experts at tying it all together for a seamless solution.

We deliver service and experience with more than one answer to your problem. We listen and develop an approach that combines the years of working personally with our clients to solve problems — combined with our hard-core, solid engineering expertise.

We are unmatched in the industry with ISO9001 certification, an award-winning assembly plant, a structured team-based product development, Just in time (JIT), Total Quality Manufacturing (TQM) and patented technology.

Vanner exceeds all competitors with 100% on-time OEM delivery, assembly-line burn-in for quality assurance and peer-to-peer interfacing with OEMs and TEMs.

Forward-thinking Hybrid Solutions

The future is in hybrid vehicles and hybrid-like solutions that improve fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance at a fraction of the cost. Vanner specializes in delivering hybrid solution that power up on-board, plug-in devices on vehicles without idling the engine.

Clients Come First, Always

In each market, we have a team that works with you regularly because we build close, long-term relationships with our client. We serve many clients for life. Not many companies can make that claim.

In 2001, we did a voluntary safety recall on a battery equalizer — and we didn’t lose a single client. We did what we said we were going to do, worked tirelessly to do it, and our clients said we were there for them when the chips were down; every single client remained with us and we forged even deeper relationships with clients that continue today.

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