80-Series Equalizer Low State of Charge (SOC) Disconnect Feature

The SOC option provides an output signal that coordinates with vehicle software to disconnect parasitic loads based on the State of Charge (SOC) of the 24V starting batteries. This protects the batteries from excessive discharge and ensures reserve capacity for engine cranking.

Battery aging and temperature variations are compensated for to ensure accurate SOC calculations. This featured option (SOC DISCONNECT) will assure you can always crank the engine of the bus. No-starts on Monday morning will no longer be an issue for transit authorities.

For a typical application, after a combination of extended vehicle inactivity and low SOC, a disconnect request is sent via CAN message to the vehicle. When the multiplex system complies and shuts down, the 80-Series Equalizer sends a pulse via Terminal F to activate a disconnect. The disconnect, for example, could be a bi-stable magnetic device. Reconnection of the battery is achieved when the driver turns the main switch to “Run”.

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