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Vanner has been delivering engineering excellence in power conversion and power transformation for commercial vehicles in nine markets since 1977. Vanner is a leader in commercial transportation and designs and delivers patented high quality, cost-effective and environmentally responsible products and services in the U.S. and around the world.

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Ambulance, Coach AC Power, Heavy Truck, Hybrid, Military, Mobile Office, Transit Bus, Work Truck

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Industry Leadership

We are a transportation industry leader with proven engineering expertise, market leadership, patented products, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, and an award-winning assembly plant in Hilliard, Ohio. With 75% marketshare in Ambulance and 80% marketshare in the Bus Industry, companies trust Vanner for high-quality, on-time delivery of power conversion/transportation products for OEMs, transit companies and after-market suppliers.

Problem Solving Specialists

We are problem-solvers who work closely with companies of all sizes in each market to design, develop and deliver an advanced line of custom and standard power transformation products and solutions including: High Voltage DC-DC Converters, Idle-Reduction Systems, Ultracapacitor Start Assist Systems, Model-based Battery Monitoring, Battery Equalizers with Internal Battery Monitoring and J-1939 CAN Bus Communication, and our broad offering of AC Power options. We also deliver best-in-the industry static and dynamic inverters, battery chargers, isolators, converters, equalizers, throttles and accessories.

Clean Fuels Ohio Member Company

Vanner Inc., Hilliard, OH is proud to announce it’s membership in Clean Fuels Ohio, an industry leading Clean Cities chapter based in Columbus, OH..  www.cleanfuelsohio.org

Vanner has joined CFO as a Platinum Member to provide the highest level of support to the CFO organization.


Increased Accessory Power IAPII™

Efficient energy management is the desire of the modern transit fleet. Effectively distributing power to accessories like electric air conditioning, air compressors, and power steering systems is key to providing better fuel economy, reduced emissions and lower maintenance costs.
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Vanner LifeStar® 9860GCPE Flasher

Since 1977 Vanner Inc. in Hilliard, OH has been manufacturing high-quality, robust electronic products for the Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, Truck, Bus, and Military markets. Vanner products are known worldwide for their reliability and safety record. The LifeStar® 9860GCPE Flasher is a prime example of Vanner’s leading-edge technology.
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VLT Series TruWave Power Inverters

Vanner VLT Series Inverters use Vanner’s proprietary TruWave technology. TruWave generates a pure sine wave signal that guarantees AC output is maximized and performance is at its most efficient.

These inverters are rugged and reliable. VLT Inverters are built in an all-metal cabinet to withstand punishing work truck environments and operate at almost any temperature, from an ambient -13F to +122F (-25C to +50 C). That means peak AC power is available even in cold temperatures.
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Vanner, the leader in vehicle power management for transit bus has partnered with ACC Climate Control the leader in HVAC systems to develop Revolution, patented ZERO EMISSION technology for school bus applications.

Revolution allows the school bus driver to turn off the engine when in a school zone and continue to operate the air-conditioning, wheel chair lifts, radios, lights, etc. without engine emissions.
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Vanner 80-Series Equalizer with MBBM®

“Protect Your Starting Batteries” / “When Engine Starting is Critical” / “No More Dead Starting Batteries”
80-Series Equalizer is a 24VDC to 12VDC equalizer with features of proprietary MBBM® (Model Based Battery Monitoring) algorithm to determine the SOH (State-of-Health and SOC (State-of-Charge) of a vehicle’s auxiliary batteries.
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Vanner LifeStar® Ambulance Power Module

Since 1980, Ambulance Service Managers and Fire Chiefs have specified Vanner for robust and safe electrical power.

In 2008, with input from EMTs, Fire Chiefs, and our OEM partners, Vanner developed the next generation in ambulance power, LifeStar®.  LifeStar® is more than an inverter, it is a power module designed to deliver the AC and DC power that today’s ambulances require.
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VSS-TVM360 6 Hour Timer

Vanner’s TVM360 provides 6 hours (360 minutes) of power from an auxiliary battery to operate DC loads like Traffic Arrow Sign Boards.
The TVM360 is an economic, simple, and reliable idle reduction device that can be installed in any 12V electrical system. Read more…

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